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TWC Youth Camp

» Week Long Windsurfing Day Camps
» Ages 12+ July through August
» Fun for kids - Convenient for Parents

Youth Racing Program

» Ages 8 - 18
» Professional Instruction
» Beginner to Olympian Progression

Wednesday Night Racing

» FREE public races every Wednesday evening
» May through September
» Apres race Beach BBQ every week

twc windsurfing camp

SUP Activities

For 2016, we are offering an expanded program in stand up paddling as part of the Youth Camp experience. SUP is a great complement to windsurfing as there will be fun SUP activities for the kids when the wind is too low for windsurfing, or the kids just want a change of pace. Some of the SUP activities include:

Giant inflatable SUP boards!

The most exciting news is the addition of two Starboard Starship giant inflatable SUP boards. Each of these boards will easily take 6-8 paddlers at once. This will allow us to organize fun giant SUP races in teams. We will also be running SUP excursions to Toronto Island on our SUP boards, including the giant SUPS. We expect to have have music and coolers on board!

Starboard Starship Relay La Cruz Marina from Surf Mexico on Vimeo.

SUP Polo and other SUP games

The Club now has 8 dedicated SUP polo paddles. These paddles have a large hole in the blade to allow players to scoop up a ball to pass or shoot it. It's officially called SUP polo, but we Canadians, may better recognize it as SUP lacrosse. The game is played 3-on-3 using inflatable boards. Great fun and an incredible workout!

In addition to SUP polo, other fun SUP games can include:

  • 3-on-3 SUP handball with 2 kids per board (one to paddle and the other sitting down to throw and catch the ball)
  • Tandem (2 kids per board) races
  • Team relay races
  • Tug of war between SUP boards (or the giant boards)
  • SUP jousting on one board with pool noodles

Technique Instruction

Instruction on basic SUP technique will be provided. No prior SUP experience is required. Techniques covered can include:

  • Forward stroke technique
  • Basic turns
  • Cross-bow draw turns
  • Pivot turns
  • Bracing
  • SUP safety (required)

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